Athletics : Alexander Caines Dominates CSS Senior Boys’ Cross-Country Event

From start to finish, it was all about Alexander Caines.

The only question left to be answered on Wednesday 19th May, was: ‘Will anyone be strong enough to give him a real challenge?

It was the culminating race for the CSS annual cross country events, the clash of the senior boys.

If there was a buzz before, for the other races, the decibels had definitely intensified.

Caines promptly took the lead and by the time he made the first turn by the Tennis court next to the school, he was already lengthening his strides.

He covered the entire route without making a single stop and was still able to give a strong finish for his numerous fans.  Unofficial word is that he missed the long-standing record by just two seconds!

Some of the other top athletes in the school, also performed creditably, on the big day.

The top results were:
1st Alexander Caines-19: 45:00
2nd Mario Palmer 23:36:06
3rd Akadianto Willet 24:15:11
4th Jahmaine Bartlette

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