Athletics : Charlestown Primary-Champions in The Federation

The Charlestown Primary school is celebrating the 30th year of its existence and has created history.

Hot on the heels of totally dominating the Gulf Insurance Interprimary Meet, held on April 27th the dominant orange force, went over to St.

Kitts on Sunday 15th May and totally dominated the inaugural federation-wide Interprimary relay meet.

Three other schools from Nevis also participated and gave excellent performances, to ensure that all of the schools from Nevis, were placed in the top ten.

The other schools were: Joycelyn Liburd Primary; Ivor Walters’ Primary and St. Thomas’ Primary.

In total, twenty schools participated in the event.

The overall results were:

Charlestown Primary 13 medals-6 gold; 4 silver; 3 bronze

Dr. William Connor Primary -6 medals: 3 gold; 0 silver; 3 bronze

Sandy Point Primary- 7 medals: 2 gold; 4 silver; 1 bronze

Joycelyn Liburd Primary-6 medals: 2 gold; 2 silver; 2 bronze

St. Paul’s Primary-5 medals: 2 gold; 1 silver; 2 bronze

St. Thomas’ Primary-5 medals: 2 gold; 1 silver; 2 bronze

Dieppe Bay Primary -3 medals 1 gold; 1 silver; 1 bronze

Ivor Walters’ Primary -4 medals: 0 gold; 3 silver; 1 bronze

Tyrell Williams Primary -2 medals: 0 gold; 1 silver; 1 bronze

Beach Allen Primary-1 medal: 0 gold; 1 silver; 0 bronze

Irish Town Primary -2 medals: 0 gold; 0 silver; 2 bronze

Tucker Clarke Primary -1 medal: 0 gold; 0 silver; 1 bronze

George Moody Stuart Primary-0 medals

Immaculate Conception Catholic-0 medals

Cayon Primary-0 medals.

Violet Petty Primary-0 medals

Joshua Obadiah primary-0 medals

Saddlers Primary -0 medals

Newtown Ground Primary 0 medals

Bronte Welsh Primary 0 medals

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