Athletics : Half Island Road Relay A Success

The now annual half-island road relay which was held on Saturday 10th October has been deemed a huge success.

The relay was hosted by the SKN Moves, Nevis Chapter, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health

According to Sheilagh James, one of the main coordinators of the major event, some 14 teams participated and 120 persons in total.

The walk started at a Brick kiln, at 5 am, in front of Minister Brandy-Williams’ home; with a first baton pass off in Butlers; then another baton pass off at Fothergills; then another at Market Shop and the final pass off at the entrance to Brown Hill Village and the grand culmination at the Fit Park.

The participants then engaged in cool-down exercises and were treated to a healthy breakfast.

Even though the relay was not coded as a competition, special prizes were awarded as follows:

First place-Legacy Sojourners team one

Second place-Legacy Sojourners team two

Third place-Fit Wellness Center

Solo walk-first to finish-Gregory Johnson

First male registrant –Vaughn Frazer

First female registrant- Marion Browne

Most teams registered –NEVLEC with three teams

Ms. James extended thanks to all of the individuals and entities that combined to make the event such a success.

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