Athletics : Half Island Walk Relay Press Conference Held

Latoya Jeffers and Jaedee Caines

The SKN Moves Nevis Chapter held a press conference on Thursday 6th October.

The proceedings were chaired by the chief coordinator of the upcoming event, Sheilagh James.

She informed that the grand event upcoming, will be the now annual Half Island walk relay and that it will be sponsored by the Nevis Cooperative Credit Union.

It will be held on Saturday 29th October and will commence in Brick Kiln Village, next to the home of the Hon. Hazel Brandy -Williams.

The first baton pass will be at Esmie’s Shop in Butlers; the second at Fothergills; the third at Market Shop; the fourth at Brown Hill gap and the race will climax at Fit Park.

Teams of five can register for the event but individuals can also participate.

Registration this year is totally free of cost.

However, the SKN Moves Nevis Chapter will be assisting a charity this year, in the Methodist church Charlestown.

The church will be selling breakfast at the Fit Park, for only $10.00

At the end of the race, a presentation ceremony will be held at Fit Park.

The traffic Police and the Red Cross will be offering assistance on the day.

Business Development and Marketing officer for the Nevis Credit Union, Jaedee Caines, noted that the institution was happy to sponsor the event in its 50th year of existence and pointed to the fact that it was an issue of health.
‘Our members have to be healthy and our staff have to be healthy.

If they are not in good health, we will not have a Credit Union,’ she said.

She promised that the NTU staff will also be registering a team for the event.

Asst. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Latoya Jeffers, also spoke on behalf of the NIA, another of the sponsors.

She used the opportunity to encourage all and sundry to participate in the event, even if not to compete, but to walk for the betterment of their health.

She also congratulated Sheilagh James and her hard-working committee for the work they continue to do.

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