Athletics : JLPS Cross Country Events Create Much Excitement.

If the parents were yelling, then the children were screaming at the top of their lungs.

JLPS cross country Thursday

This, as the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School, hosted some of its cross-country events for 2023: Grades 3& 4 Girls; Grades 1& 2 Girls; Grades 1&2 Boys and Kindergarten boys and girls

The Grades 3&4 students started close to the Gingerland Police Station, ran through Hardtimes and Rawlins, then back on the main road to the school.

The Grades 1 and 2 boys and Girls, started at Old Manor Hotel, down Rawlins Road, along the main road and back to the school.

The Kindergarteners started at BIG SIX, ran along the main road, then back to the school.

The Top Results:

Grade 3&4 Girls
1st Aaliyah Clarke
2nd Te’janae Grante
3rd Achani Dasent
4th Kevonie Lewis
5th Lishaneh Stapleton

Grade 1 & 2 Girls
1st Kalea Hyman
2nd Natyra Nisbett
3rd Ty’Ajay Clarke
4th Riddanna Liburd
5th T’Resa O’Loughlin

Grade 1 & 2 Boys
1st Deiondre Liburd
2nd Dylandre Swanston
3rd Clijae Christmas Mulley
4th Amarni Herbert
5th K’Ronjae Liburd

Kindergarten Girls
1ST Jorque Griffin
2nd Akedra Williams
3rd Annakaylea Hendrickson
4th Sayge Wilkinson
5th N’Gozi Francis

Kindergarten Boys
1St Tajary Lawrence
2nd Matthias Hull
3rd Ayden Fyfield
4th Jaylonzo Freeman
5th Trevis Morton

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