Athletics Packages Received for Upcoming Island Walk

Ms. Sheilagh James

Ms. Sheilagh James of the SKN Moves Nevis Chapter has informed us that the much-anticipated packages for the upcoming island walk, have arrived on the island.

Persons signing up for the fifth anniversary full island walk, have the following options:

1. One of two choices of water bottles; a bag; a towel and a T-shirt, complete with breakfast-veggie or meat-$60.00

2. T-shirt only with a gift-$40.00

3. Breakfast only and a gift-$20.00

4. Persons who just want to do the walk-absolutely free

The walk will take place on Saturday 7th October, starting at the TDC car park at 4 am.

The theme is, “A walk for life,” Let’s reduce NCDS together.

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