Athletics : Proposed Renaming the Interprimary Sports

Nevis’ cricket chief, Carlisle Powell, has proposed renaming the Interprimary Sports meet on Nevis in honour of the late Lester Blackett.

Powell suggested while paying tribute to Lester Blackett at his funeral service held on Sunday, June 9th.

He urged the authorities to consider naming the event ‘the Lester Blackett Interprimary Sports Meet’ to recognize Blackett’s significant contributions to sports development on Nevis, particularly in track and field. Powell emphasized that he was not seeking personal gain but rather sought to honour Blackett’s legacy.

Powell also expressed his desire for the meet to eventually be held at the ‘Lester Blackett Athletics Stadium’ as a further tribute to Blackett’s impact.

Powell spoke warmly about Blackett’s exceptional work in sport and recalled their interactions at Grove Park, where Blackett trained athletes and Powell trained cricketers in the same vicinity.

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