Athletics: St. Thomas’ Primary Hosts Cross Country Races For 2024

On Friday, February 16th, the St. Thomas Primary School held its annual cross-country races for 2024. Numerous parents, family members, and supporters of the school were present to witness the exciting event. The race included children from kindergarten to grade six, with the route adjusted based on the age of the participants.

Here are the race results:

Kindergarten Girls:
1st Place – Zhyan Chapman
2nd Place – Jarella Wilkinson
3rd Place – Kurvincia Browne

Kindergarten Boys:
1st Place – Jorhan Isles (set a new record)
2nd Place – Izaviel Webbe
3rd Place – Melondre Berry

Junior Girls:
1st Place – Ja’haliyah Wilkinson
2nd Place – Azurde Isles
3rd Place – Kaisia Maynard

Junior Boys:
1st Place – Kennedy Stevens Jr
2nd Place – Amaren Archibald
3rd Place – Jaysiah Hill

Intermediate Girls:
1st Place – Rone Isles
2nd Place – Dnyrah James
3rd Place – Myesha Jeffers

Intermediate Boys:
1st Place – Amor Rawlins
2nd Place – Izariel Saddler
3rd Place – Tazeel Cozier

Senior Girls:
1st Place – Iae’ja Horsford
2nd Place – Ajaenique Walters
3rd Place – Shavanne Butler

Senior Boys:
1st Place – Eliab Dickenson
2nd Place – G’Vonte Honders-Maynard
3rd Place – Jayden Wilkinson

Final Heats Score:
1st Place – Blue/Hawks with 682 points
2nd Place – Orange/Eagles with 642 points
3rd Place – Green Sparrows with 579 points

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