Athletics : Tremendous Buzz of Anticipation As D-Day Approaches

There is a tremendous buzz of anticipation on Nevis, as one of the most anticipated days of any given year, approaches.

Wednesday 5th April is the big day for the primary schools on Nevis, as that is the day when the athletes from those schools will tee off for athletic supremacy.

This year, there is a significant change in the way the champion school will be determined.

Rather than the usual tally of points, with the school with the most points declared the winner, this year, the championship honours will be determined by the school with the most gold medals and if there is a tie, the most silver medals and if necessary, the most bronze medals.

Despite that change though, all of the schools are expressing confidence in their own abilities.

Defending champions, Charlestown Primary is extremely confident that they will celebrate at the end of the evening and so too the other schools.

It has been described by some, as a level playing field,’ even if the schools have small numbers.

So, the hairdressers are busy, and the stores are making extra sales, as individuals seek out their signature costumes.

The vendors are prepping up and with a half-holiday already declared, it promises to be a WATAKAMUS day on Nevis.

Even some of the churches have called off their regular Wednesday night services, as the preachers do not want to be the only ones to show up.

We pray for good weather and may the best team win.

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