Athletics : Vern ‘N’ Llew Hosts Road Runs

Last year, it was a total NO-NO, due to the covid -19 crisis.

This year, in spite of the fact, that the dreaded terror is still with us, the Vern N Llew Preschool, decided to host the annual school’s road runs for the enjoyment of their preschoolers.

This time around though, it was done virtually.

There were no shouting parents at the finish line.

It was just the teachers and the excited children.

Here are the results of the races held on Monday 22nd March:

3-year-old girls

1st – Heavenly James (green)
2nd – Marianna Richardson (red)
3rd – Sha’Rayah Williams (blue)

3-year-old boys

1st – Noel Liburd (green)
2nd – Sadik Nisbett (red)
3rd – Chevis Charran (blue)
4th – Khalon Gumbs (yellow)
5th – Tajiv Hamilton (yellow)

4-5-year-old girls

Group 1
1st – Stariah France (red)
2nd – Si’Nyah Marshall (blue)
3rd – Lawnique Collins (yellow)
4th – Keighley David (green)

Group 2
1st – K’Jahlia Bartlette (yellow)
2nd – Amaiya Nisbett (blue)
3rd – Riella Maynard (red)
4th – Reu’Niya Sargeant (green)

Group 3
1st – Kataleah Thompson (yellow)
2nd – Chanahlia Bartlette (red)
3rd – G’Vaughnsia Bridgewater (green)
4th – Eulynae Liburd (blue)

4-5-year-old boys

Group 1
1st – Delijah Jones (red)
2nd – Kevon David (green)
3rd – Tarajah Hill (blue)
4th – Jevon Hamilton (yellow)
5th – Chavez Jeffers (blue)

Group 2
1st – Lavondre Edwards (yellow)
2nd – A’Jamir Chapman (green)
3rd – Virat Persaud (green)
4th – Ronald Azore (red)

Overall Scores

Red House – 27 points
Green House – 25 points
Yellow House – 23 points
Blue House – 19 points

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