Atrocities in the Team Unity Government “stinks to high heaven” says former PM

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, April 5th 2017 – Former Prime Minister the Right Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas said Tuesday 30 months after the Team Unity Government took office on a promise of doing better, the twin island Federation is mired in allegations of corruption, nepotism and cronyism.

“The situation has deteriorated to the point where there is widespread conclusion that the electorate has been deceived, fooled and lied to by Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris,” said Dr. Douglas who referred to the continued criminal activity on the two islands.

“Murders continue in broad daylight, two in the last ten days within a 24 hour period. The armed robberies have increased as people seem to become more desperate in trying to find ways of survival. Yet we continue to hear from the Prime Minister that the economic situation has improved dramatically and is the best ever in the history of the country,” said Dr. Douglas.

He said expatiate students attending medical and veterinary schools as well as local women are living in fear of being sexually assaulted  and harassed.

“The alleged corruption by the former government 30 months after is still to be proven as he said investigations are continuing and the alleged perpetrators are still to be identified, charged and brought before the court. When will these investigation end?” said the former prime minister, who noted that atrocities in the Timothy Harris administration “stinks to high heaven.”

He said Prime Minister Harris is yet to explain why members of his family are directors on several Boards of government-owned and controlled corporations or entities.

“Harris still cannot explain why a family member who was under investigation for serious irregularities regarding the use of SIDF funds and Social Security funds and unanswered questions by the Financial Services Regulatory Commission, has been reinstated before the conclusion of the investigation; and the reinstatement of another family member who was removed following written complaints of incompetence,” said Dr. Douglas, who also questioned the undermining of the current head of Her Majesty’s Prison and his possible replacement by a brother of the Minister of National Security.

Dr. Douglas said the nation is still awaiting the dismissal of the Minister of Public Infrastructure who recently registered a company in his name to conduct business with the government in the construction of homes and the second cruise ship pier.

He accused the government of awarding contracts in relation to the construction of the Coast Guard Base, the new prison, the National Heroes Park, the new Basseterre High School, the refurbishment of the John Gumbs Building for use by the Inland Revenue Department, replacing roofs at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC) bypassing the procurement regulations as well as allegations from within the PLP of unaccounted campaign funds.

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