Audrey Huggins Celebrates At 80

Gingerland-Nevis—Mrs. Audrey Huggins of Gingerland in Nevis, was celebrated in grand style, on Sunday 23rd September, as she thanked God for allowing her to live to see her 80th birthday.
Her children and other family members, along with representatives for the Ministry of Social Development, ensured that it was a day well spent.
Firstly, she was celebrated at a church service held at the Methodist Church in Gingerland and then the celebrations moved to the Hermitage Inn.
The ceremony at Hermitage was ably chaired by Deputy Director of the Social Services Department, Miss Joyce Moven, who described the celebrant as a hardworking, caring and virtuous woman.
Some of the children and other family members and friends testified of her giving and sharing spirit and her attitude of walking to most of her destinations.
Also making a very important presentation, was Minister of Social Development, Hon. Eric Evelyn, who emphasized the hardworking nature of Mrs. Huggins and stated that she would have instilled certain spiritual values into her children and grandchildren and the fact that they are all making meaningful contributions within the society, is a testimony to that fact.
He then presented her with a certificate and a fruit basket, which were both presented by his Ministry, in collaboration with the City Drug Store.
She later blew out the candles and cut her beautifully designed cake and joined with all present in a sumptuous luncheon.

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