Basketball Camp Hosted By Youth and Sports Department Closes

The final in a series of camps, coordinated by the Youth and Sports Department, climaxed at the Grell Hull-Stevens Netball complex, on Friday 24th August.
Chief facilitator, Jeffrey Lewis, indicated that some 35 youthful individuals registered for the training camp, but approximately 22 endured to the end.
He indicated that they would have learnt a lot during the one week exercise, which commenced on Monday 20th August.
During the closing ceremony, as if to prove his point, he got some of the individuals who did not know how to dribble the basketball prior to the camp, to demonstrate how well they could now control the ball with either hand.
Deputy Director of the Sports Department, Brian Dowe, during his closing remarks, thanked the children for coming out and thanked the parents for allowing them to participate in the program.
He also had words of praise for Coach Lewis and other officers of the Sports Department, who all worked together to make the camp a success.
As part of the closing exercises, the young Basketballers had the opportunity to demonstrate their newly acquired skills, in front of their adoring parents and siblings who showed up for the closing ceremony, as they participated in a few games on court.
According to Mr. Dowe, even though the Basketball camp officially concluded the wide range of camps held during the summer vacation, there is more in the offing, as shortly the Youth and Sports Department is hoping to host a Parish league Netball tournament and in the not too distant future, a tape ball cricket competition, to be held at the Villa grounds.
Interested persons are kindly asked to stay tuned for updates.

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