Bath United Defeats Dynamics Elite

By: Curtis Morton
The local Netball tournament continued at the Grell Hull-Stevens Netball Complex on Wednesday 8th May with Bath United taking on Dynamics Elite in an important encounter.

The Bath United team led in all quarters but especially dominated the third quarter when they scored all of ten goals to the Dynamic Elites’ one.

The summarized scores per quarter were:
1st quarter—Bath United 8 Dynamic Elites 3
2nd quarter—Bath United 19 Dynamic Elites 10
3rd quarter– Bath United 29 Dynamic Elites 11
4th quarter—Bath United 42 Dynamic Elites 20

The Bath United team winning by 22 clear goals and ardent supporters Queen Alpha and Shelly Taylor had cause to celebrate.

Next games are slated for Saturday 11th May at the Grell Hull-Stevens Netball Complex:
5.30 p.m.—Stoney Grove Untouchables vs Sports Dept Development team
7.00 p.m.—Bath United vs Pioneers in the feature match

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