Bath United Football Club’s Fun Day –A Huge Success

By Curtis Morton

Coach of the Bath United Football club Alex Claxton has deemed the fun day hosted by the club,on Saturday 7th April, as a huge success.

The day’s activities included:

Grassroots competition-won by Montessori Academy

Under 17 competition-1st place- H.E. Garden Hotspurs; 2nd –Bath United 1; 3rd –Bath united 2

Relay event-1st-Bath United; 2nd H.E. Garden Hotspurs and the 3rd place was undecided

Bike race: 1st- Chris KJ Browne; 2nd- Anthony Stephen; 3rd-Adrian Williams

Basketball free throw shoot out-Winner: Omarion

There was also music, food and drinks to take those present throughout the day.

Claxton took time out to thank the following:

The Principal, staff and parents of the Montessori Academy; SKN Football Association; Digicel; S. L. Horsfords-Nevis LTD; parents and children of the Cherry Gardens Grass Root team; H.E. Garden Hotspurs; the hard working parents of the Bath United under 17 team; the cooks and chefs; the Nevis Sports Department; persons who prepared the field; the Announcer; NTV; Sharlene Martin; Dr. Linton Liburd Jr; fans, supporters and well-wishers of the club and not forgetting those persons who worked hard behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, Claxton is inviting members of the general public to come out today to support the Bath United youth teams in action, in two home games:

At 4 pm –Bath United under 14-v H.E. Garden Hotspurs under 14

5 pm-Bath United under 16 v H. E. Garden Hotspurs under 16.

Both matches are scheduled for the Bath Village play field.

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