Bath Wins Street Football Tournament

By:Curtis Morton

It was an exciting time at the Brown Hill Hard court on the evening of Saturday 13th February.

That was the evening that the Youth and Sports Department on Nevis, hosted its Street Football tournament. Actually, this was the second time that the Department was hosting such a competition.

Some nine teams showed up and their talents and skills were borne out in a real way as they tried to outdo each other on the concrete surface and scoring in small goals.
Each team was allowed four players on the field at any one time and it made for some real entertainment for the sizeable and vociferous crowd.
One of the favourite teams was the Bath female team which almost made it into the semi finals, but was edged out on goal difference.

However, it boiled down to the two top teams facing off just after 9 pm. They were the Bath male team and the Church Ground team.
It came down to an intense battle that went scoreless almost to the end of the allotted twenty minutes of regular time but a timely goal just before the final whistle, by the Bath team, sealed the deal..
At the end of it all, the Bath team proved the top team and was duly awarded the winner’s trophy.

As an additional bonus, the MVP for the evening was from the winning team. Shaheed Tyson won the nod of the organizers for his outstanding plays for the evening in scoring several goals.

Coordinator of the Youth Department, Mr. Jamir Claxton, thanked his hard working staff members and all those persons who helped to make the tournament a success.

The sponsors were: Digicel; Hon. Mark Brantley; Pat Claxton; Pat Bartlette; St. Clair ‘Sazam’ Hull and the SKNFA for providing the balls for the competition.
1st place Bath United
2nd Church Ground
3rd Royal Future

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