Beaters And Young Warriors Win In VPL Matches

By Curtis Morton

The action in the Village Premier league (VPL), continued at the Hard Times play field on Sunday 15th April.

A sizeable and vociferous crowd was on hand to witness two exciting encounters and the live commentary team was in its element, as they served to entertain all afternoon, along with DJ BULF.

In game one, the Beaters team came up against Young Warriors. Young Warriors won the toss and sent the Beaters in to bat.

Beaters got off to a dubious start, losing the key wicket of Adelvin Phillip, very early in the innings.

However, Nelson Boland swung lustily for a few maximums and then Trev Smithen took the baton and pummeled the bowling to all parts of the field.

In response, the Young Warriors appeared on course for victory but careless batting in the latter overs, saw them lose their way when it really mattered.


Summarized scores: Beaters: 124 for 6 from 12 overs

Young Warriors: 112 for 8 from 12 overs

Man of the match: Trev Smithen


In match two, Young Warriors were again back on the field, as they engaged Bushwhackers.

This time around they batted first and propelled mainly by the hard hitting Rakeesh, established a competitive total.

Bushwhackers, lost their way in response, once they lost the key wicket of skipper Carlon Smithen and were well off course in the chase.

Young Warriors winning by all of 52 runs



Summarized scores: 126 for 6 from 10 overs:

Bushwhackers: 74 for 8 from 10 overs

Man of the match: Rakeesh

Matches continue on Sunday 22nd April:

1 pm: Easterns v Beaters

2 pm: Hanley’s Road v Young Warriors

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