Bethel Youths Give To Seniors

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-Members of the Bethel Apostolic Church Youth fellowship, assembled at the Flambuoyant Nursing Home on Saturday 14th October for a very important purpose.

According to Pastor Simeon Prentice in his opening remarks, the church recognizes and appreciates the tremendous contribution made by the seniors, in setting the paths for the younger ones to follow.

Therefore, the youths of the church had showed up to show their appreciation in a tangible way.

Youth leader, Mrs. Dahlia Prentice, coordinated the program which included a scripture reading by young Brother John; songs by the young people and a poem.

She pointed out that one of the reasons for the visit, was to assist the youths in developing an appreciation for seniors, at an early age.

Sister Emma then presented gifts of love, to be used by the seniors, which included toiletries and other necessities and these were gratefully accepted by the Nurse in charge on that day, Nurse Kella Didier.

She thanked the youth group for the kind gesture and assured the church members that the gifts would be properly utilized and were greatly appreciated.

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