The Joycelyn Liburd Primary School held its annual senior girls’ cross country event on Friday 2nd February.

The girls started their race, just above the Gingerland Police Station and headed up the Hardtimes Road, heading past the former Blackie’s Disco and making a left at the top of the incline.

They then raced down the main road in Rawlins, past the Old Manor hotel and entered the main road in Gingerland at Market Shop and culminated the run in the school yard.

The two stars however, were Bianca Williams and Noella Freeman.

The two young ladies kept close to each other, all the way through Rawlins village and when they entered the main road at Market Shop, Bianca had a slight lead but Noella was right on her heels.

Both were obviously tired but determined to take gold and refusing to walk.

Noella then took the lead but not for long, as a determined Bianca forced her way back to the front.

Then in the vicinity of the Gingerland Secondary school, Bianca got some extra encouragement, as both of her parents appeared and actually ran close to her, shouting their encouragement.

Even though Noella did not have similar encouragement, she still gave it her all but in the final 50 meters, Bianca slowly but surely pulled away and literally dragged herself over the finish line and collapsed into the arms of one of the waiting officials.

Noella came in just ten seconds later.

It was a tremendous finish!

Here are the top ten placements:

  1. Bianca Williams                 Green     9:08:84
  2. Noella Freeman                 Red         9:18:23
  3. Tianna Griffin                     Blue        9:45:22
  4. Advancia Merchant          Red
  5. Nickelsia Kelly                    Blue
  6. Ikeliyah Nisbett                  Red
  7. Divonique  Liburd              Green
  8. Jamoya Mitchell                Red
  9. Kezonique Herbert           Red
  10. Ny’Ailah Jeffers         Green

Points amassed:

Green: 49      Red:  50       Blue: 41

Overall points to Date:

Green:193     Red: 214      Blue: 162



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