Black Man gives back to CSS top Athletes.

By:Curtis Morton

As has been his custom for the past few years, popular local business man, Teddy BLACKMAN Liburd, made a presentation of trophies to the top athletes at the Charlestown Seondary School.

The brief ceremony which was chaired by Headmaster, Mr. Edson Elliot, was held at the school’s assembly hall, on Monday 15th May.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Elliot congratulated BLACKMAN on his diligence, hard work and giving spirit, as he plies his trade daily, close to the school’s premises.

He noted that as the children and teachers purchased and enjoyed his delicious, locally made fruit juices, BLACKMAN has decided to give back to the school in a tangible way.

Teacher Mrs. Nicola Parris played the popular song which was created by Jean Amory Jr and which was done in honour of BLACKMAN: ‘Ah you ah di man,’ on her phone.

She also congratulated BLACKMAN on his making the presentations for yet another year.

On this day, BLACKMAN was happy to present four impressive looking trophies, to the top athletes in each house, for this year’s CSS annual Sports day, as follows:

Gold House: D’atryl Stanley

Red house: Celine Hendrickson

Blue house: Shamar Wallace

Gold house: Akadianto Willet

The athletes who were present, collected their trophies, with beaming faces.

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