Photo Gallery: Blue Remains True At Charlestown Primary

The defending interprimary champions, Charlestown Primary, sent out a strong note of warning on Wednesday 20th February, when they hosted their annual Sports meet, this year, for the first time, at the Mondo track.
A sizeable crowd was on hand to witness the event, which was held under the distinguished patronage of two former outstanding athletes from the school-Alisa Pemberton and David De Costa.
The meet started late, around 2pm but after the impressive march past, the athletes hit the track and competed fiercely in such events as the 400; 800; 1200; 200; 100 meters and relay races.
Most of the races were keenly contested, as the athletes were all well aware, that apart from competing for points for their individual houses, that the top athletes would be chosen for interprimary 2019.
Sometime close to 8 pm, Blue house was announced as the champion house.
The results were as follows:

Blue house -347 points-champions

Green house 266 points –second

Red house -244 points-third

Today, Friday 22nd February, the VOJN Primary school, will host its annual sports day at the school’s ground.

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