Boundary changes must be rejected and will be resisted says Hon. Eugene Hamilton

PAM Press Release

Basseterre, St.Kitts (July 17th 2013):-Deputy Leader of the main opposition party People’s Action Movement, Hon. Eugene Hamilton has declared that any move to change boundaries at this time must be rejected and will be resisted. The remarks were made on the Opposition Party’s weekly Tuesday morning radio show “Moving Forward” on Sugar City FM.

Hamilton said that boundary changes should be rejected and resisted for a number of reasons.
“The boundaries commission are pursuing changes based on PRELIMINARY CENSUS data. In other words the data that is being used to change these boundaries are incomplete. Nowhere else in the region or the world would that be accepted and it should not be accepted here in St.Kitts-Nevis,” said the Parliamentary representative for Constituency #8.

“Further and even more significant is the fact that the government is ILLEGITIMATE!!!….Again where else in the world can a illegitimate minority government with a motion of no confidence staring them in their faces be allowed to conduct parliament much less change any boundaries? The Denzil Douglas DLP Douglas Labour Party government does not have any authority to change any boundaries. Any move to change boundaries at this time will be resisted and totally rejected not only by PAM and our UNITY Partners in the CCM and PLP but it will be resoundingly rejected and resisted by the people as the only thing the people of this country want at the moment is either the motion of no confidence or general elections so that the country could get back to a state of normalcy rather than the heightened tension being experienced now as a result of the Prime Minister and the Speaker’s failure to bring the No Confidence Motion to parliament,” opined Hamilton.

Hamilton continued, “These proposed boundary changes are all an effort by the Prime Minister to give himself a glimmer of hope of continuing his dictatorial reign on the people of this country. “
Political observers and the polls have all stated that the ruling Labour Party Minority government may retain just one seat in the next election under the current boundary alignment. Thus the government’s anxiety to have boundaries changed to give themselves a chance, as slim as it maybe, come the next elections.

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