Bronx Crisis Pulls Off a Stunner to Force Game Three

By: Curtis Morton

Who say that miracles don’t happen anymore?

It was game two in the best of three finals in the NABA Local Basketball championship on Nevis.

The game was played on the evening of Tuesday 24th June in front of the largest crowd yet to witness the games and without doubt, the most vociferous.
There was a certain tension prevailing, on and off the court. Almost every call by the referees was queried and tempers flared.

With defending champions CG Rebels already having the first game in the bag and the score at the end of the third quarter being 42 to 26 in their favour, the only obvious conclusion would be that the CG Rebels would convincingly seal the deal, on the night.

However, it had to be a night when the guardian angels were working overtime for the Bronx Crisis team.

The final quarter saw an unbelievable display of Basketball by the Bronx men which ended with the scoreline of 27 to 8 in their favour. It was as if the CG Rebels team had been put to sleep.

Bronx Crisis winning the cliff hanger by a mere 3 points and therefore forcing a game three!

Stats for second game in the best of three series 24/06/2014. Bronx Crisis winning C G Rebels by 3 points

Bronx Crisis 53 points to C G Rebels 50 points
First Quarter Rebels 11 to Crisis 10
Second Quarter Rebels 17 to Crisis 10
Third Quarter Rebels 14 to Crisis 6
Fourth Quarter Crisis 27 to Rebels 8

Bronx Crisis 53 points
Matthew Mrawsum Harding 18poi 5reb 2ass 1ste 4 of 9 free throw made
Brian Morris 10poi 10reb 2ass 1ste 1b/s
Robert Morton 11poi 3reb 2ass 3ste

C G Rebels 50 points
Jenerson France 22poi 15reb 3ass 1b/s 6 of 7 free throw made
Justin Jeffers 8poi 21reb 2ste 4b/s
Royden Charlie Browne 10reb 5ass 4ste

Bronx Crisis has tied the series 1-1. Next game is Tuesday 01st July 2014.

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