Brother of Popular Jamaican Singer Arrested For Larceny

Police Press Release

On Saturday 27th June 2015 Mark Anthony Price of Kingston, Jamaica was formally arrested and charged for the offence of Larceny of a Blackberry Z10 cell phone, which was committed on on Saturday 27th June 2015 at the Robert Bradshaw International Airport.

Mark Price was in the Federation with his brother, popular reggae singer Rodney Price alias “Bounty Killer” and his entourage, who performed at the 19th Annual St.Kitts Music Festival earlier in the morning. They all were at the airport making preparations to depart the Federation when the incident occurred.

On Monday 30 June 2015 Mark Price was taken before Dostrict “A” Magistrate’s Court on the charge of Larceny, and was represented by Counsels, Marissa Hobson-Newman, Marsha Henderson and Greville Browne. He pleaded guilty to the charge of Larceny and Supt. Smithen presented the court with the facts.

Counsel Hobson then mitigate on behalf of the defendant, and the defendant in open court apologised to the Virtual Complainant. Apologies were also given by counsel on behalf of his brother Rodney Price alias “Bounty Killer” who expressed his profound apology to the complainant, the Airport Authorities, the St. Kitts Music Festival Committee, the police and the people of St. Kitts-Nevis whom this act has embarrassed.

The court then ordered that the defendant compensate the complainant the sum of $3000.00 E.C. and fined him $3000.00 E.C. forthwith which was paid and he was released from police custody.

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