Brown Hill Community Remembers Crib

Brown Hill-Nevis-The Brown Hill community is currently in mourning, as they mourn the passing of one of their most colourful sons, Euclid Levine, fondly remembered, simply as CRIB.

While in Nevis, he was an established tradesman and an authority on virtually every subject—from Cricket to Politics.

As one person said: “He was kind hearted and always gave his all for his countrymen, but he was a straight talker and if you did not understand him, you may think he was insulting, but he did not mean anything. He meant well.

Some persons may even have called him ‘boasting’ but one thing for sure, he would boast about his NEVIS.

Since he picked up residency in New York, CRIB was the man known for looking out for his ‘NEVIS people’ in helping them to get their bearings and making sure that they were okay.

Everybody has a story about CRIB.

The Brown Hill Community Improvement Club is not going to let his passing go unnoticed.

They will be holding a memorial service on Tuesday 11th September, at the Brown Hill Hard court from 5.30 to 7.30 pm.

The general public is cordially invited to be a part of this service.

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