Bulletin – OAS-Stillman College Scholarship Opportunity

The Organization of American States (OAS) invites nationals of member states to apply for scholarships to pursue studies for Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes at Stillman College in the United States.

The deadline for University admission application is March 31, 2021, while the deadline for the OAS scholarship application is April 01, 2021.

For more information on the application for the admission process, please go to Stillman’s website: https://stillman.edu/admissions/. For assistance with your admissions application, please email admissions@stillman.edu.

Applicants should also complete the online Stillman Undergraduate Scholarship Application at https://stillman.edu/admissions/scholarships/. For assistance with your scholarship application, please email scholarships@stillman.edu.

All questions should be directed to Lanita Bostic, Scholarship Coordinator, Division of Institutional Advancement at   http://scholarships@stillman.edu.

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