BUSMAN Gets Grand Sent Off

By :Curtis Morton

Speak to anyone who knew him well and they will tell you that Volney Donnell Dore aka BUSMAN was a likeable, easy going gentleman. He loved a good hearty laugh and he was very generous and giving.
Such were the sentiments echoed at the funeral service of the late bus driver who generally was the main man on the bus routes between Rawlins and Hanley’s Road.

One former passenger of his observed that unlike many other passenger bus drivers, BUSMAN was willing to take persons to many off roads to their homes, especially when they had excessive load.
He was also very willing to wait for his passengers when they asked permission to make a ‘quick’ errand. Sometimes, the persons would be delayed and the other passengers on the bus might want to get a little rowdy but his calming influence always took control as he would explain that another day, the person/s making noise may also need a favour done.

He was also known to be one to ‘work with’ his passengers in cases when they were short on cash.
The funeral service which was held at the Methodist church in Gingerland on Wednesday 4th December, was preceded by an impressive procession which included bus drivers from across the entire island who came to pay their last respects to one of their very own.
The coffin bearing BUSMAN was transported on an open trolley under the immediate escort of Funeral Director Orris BLACKIE Elliot and attended by President of the Nevis bus drivers Association Kurt Swanston and a few of the other members.

The very popular ADVENT MINSTRELS STRINGBAND, provided sweet accompanying heavenly music.
Buses lined the Uhral Swanston highway from the Gingerland Police Station to very close to Market Shop in the impressive display, fit for a King.
At the funeral service, many glowing tributes were paid in word and song and the eulogy was presented by Mrs. Marjorie Brandy. The sermon was presented by Rev. Careen White Richardson.

BUSMAN leaves to mourn his dear wife Pearl Dore; two daughters –Patrice Dore and Chelseair Maynard; his mother-Bernice Burton; 4 sisters; 4 brothers; some very close friends including his long time pal, Everton Griffin and countless others who appreciated his tremendous contributions to the welfare of the community.

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