Cabbage Wins Biggest Kite Contest

There was a sizeable gathering and much food, drink and music at the Flats in Cole Hill on Good Friday—Friday 29th April.

bigkiteIt was the day of the annual Kite Flying competition. The major difference this time around was that it was not hosted this year by traditional host, the SJCIC club which has hosted the activity for over 25 years. It is understood that this time around they encountered some sponsorship problems and decided to cancel the event for this year.

That is when the Sports Department headed by Mr. Jamir Claxton, Ag. Director of Sports, stepped in and with the assistance of the St.John’s constituents, they stepped up to the plate and hosted the much anticipated annual affair.

Apart from the kite flying competition, many families as per usual, used the opportunity to bring out their kites and ensured that the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

There were also the additional Domino competition and Cricket competition which served to add variety to the day’s proceedings.
The final results were::

Best papered kite: 1st Geno Liburd; 2nd Gary Liburd Jr.

Most creative kite: 1st Chris Hanley; 2nd Jarron Hanley

Biggest kite: 1st Cabbage Farrell; 2nd Jarron Hanley

Best flying kite: 1st Jarron Hanley; 2nd Geno Liburd

The domino competition was won by the team of Scoot and Planka and the Pond Hill Team won the cricket competition.

Cash prizes were given to the top placers compliments of Hon. Troy Liburd and other sponsors.

Meanwhile, the Special Education Unit also held a special kite flying day of their own, over the weekend. It was not a competition. Principal at the Education facility, Mrs. Violet Clarke indicated that the activity was arranged so that the children would not feel left out and were able to have fun flying their own kites.

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