By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-The Cane Garden community, held its annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony in the center of the village on Saturday 10th December 2016.

The ceremony was held under the distinguished patronage of proud, hardworking villager, Miss Rodney Elliot.

The invocation was done by Pastor Linden Providence and the national anthem was sung by all present.

President of the community improvement group, Miss Gwenneth LADY G Browne delivered a comprehensive year in review and noted some of the achievements of the group for the year which included: -Games night; community quiz- a know your community quiz out of which a St. John’s Community Association was formed; second annual text book drive initiative to the tune of $4,000.00 and even sponsored two students, outside of Cane Garden community. The initiative was sponsored by LEFCO

The club also held its annual elections on October 12th which resulted in the following executive:

President- Gwenneth Browne

  1. President- Trevor Dookhan
  2. President-Muneram

Treasurer-Nichole Elliot

Secretary-Martha Dookhan

Asst Secretary-Petronella Hinds

PRO-Narkman Persaud

Asst PRO-Muneram

Floor member-Oneil Hinds

Immediate past president-Randy Elliot

She had special commendations for Mr. Noel Liburd who donated the land on which the ceremony was held, for the use of the community.

Premier Vance Amory congratulated the Cane Garden community group for their being a hard working group. He encouraged the persons present to make the message of Christmas come alive in their daily lives.

‘Take the message of Christmas…see and use tonight as a turning point in how we act with each other. Have as our focus, the love and the caring and the sharing and the kindness, values and principles of honesty. Let us be true to ourselves because that would really be a demonstration of the message of Christmas,’ he said.

Brandon Persaud presented a poem and this was followed by Mr. Halstead SOOTY Byron who delivered brief remarks on behalf of Mr. Hensley Daniel.

He congratulated the club on its year round activities in community enhancement. He noted that he was reminded of the days when he and Mr. Daniel were active members of the well-known SJCIC.

He also commended Rodney Elliot for her significant contributions within the ST. John’s and wider Nevisian community.

This was followed by a dance by Shenelly Hinds

The feature address was delivered by Mr. Keith Glasgow, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development who ably represented the Hon Hazel Brandy-Williams, Junior Minister. He thanked the Cane Garden improvement club and constituents of cane Garden for the invitation

He noted that the Christmas carols should mean a lot more as we analyze the lyrics of the songs and focus on the birth of Christ as a major development.

‘We ought not to focus on the less important things like revelry and drunken stupidity; drinking and over eating. Don’t lose the real reason for the season.  Christmas should be a time for peace, love, joy and good will towards our fellow men,’ he said.

He lauded Miss Elliot for making a phenomenal contribution in the community as an entrepreneur. He praised her for her astuteness, diligence, persistence- all qualities for success in the business world.

One of Rodney Elliot’s granddaughters, read a profile which was well received.

Miss Rodney Elliot was then presented with a bouquet of flowers and she then had the honour of pulling the switch to light up the Christmas tree.

Miss Martha Dookhan gave the vote of thanks.

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