Caregivers Donate To Shut-Ins

Charlestown-Nevis-The month of October was celebrated as older persons’ month and there were a number of exciting activities which were geared to the seniors and which they thoroughly enjoyed.
However, the majority of the activities were more so appreciated by the seniors who are still able to move around.
In this regard, Seniors Coordinator on Nevis, Mrs. Garcia Hendrickson and her staff of Care Givers, went the extra mile to ensure that the seniors who are no longer mobile, were also shown love and appreciation.
On Tuesday 25th October, the Caregivers united in taking gift packages to approximately eighty seniors across the island, who are considered as shut-ins.
The gift packages comprised mainly of one large Cranberry juice, which it was opined would be very nourishing to them.
The seniors in response expressed appreciation for the kind gesture from Mrs. Hendrickson and her staff.

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