Caribbean Leaders to Meet in Miami to Discuss Money Laundering

Business leaders from 18 countries and territories of the Caribbean will meet in Miami on April 16-17 to discuss the challenges posed by Anti-Money Laundering regulation. Board Directors, President and CEO of largest regulated businesses from 13 industries have confirmed their participation.

According to Ms. Michelle Martin organizer of the Caribbean Anti-Money Laundering Conference “it is the first time so many heads of enforcement agencies will gather in a single location to engage business leaders.”

The keynote speakers include Mr. Calvin Wilson, Executive Director of the Caribbean Action Task Force (CFATF) and Mr. Cleviston Haynes, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados.

“Beyond the 11 speakers from the Caribbean, the conference line-up includes 9 distinguished speakers from the U.S. with either personal or professional ties to the Caribbean” highlights Mr. Jean Morency, co-organizer.

The FBI is delegating Special Agent Mr. Jason Manar of the Intelligence Community Group to discuss Data Protection. As Caribbean businesses start implementing FATCA and AML programs they will keep on record copies of IDs and a wide range of personal data that can be used for identity theft.

The much anticipated FATCA discussion will be headed by Miami based experts Mr. Stanley Foodman, Certified Public Accountant and CEO at Foodman CPAS & Advisors as well as by Ms. Marian Ancheta Llera, Attorney and Principal at Marian Ancheta Llera, P.A. The presentation will focus on the steps that should be taken beyond registration. They will also put in perspective why FATCA is here to stay.

The once again hot topic of Trade Based Money Laundering will be tackle by Assistant Special Agent in Charge Mr. John F. Tobon at Homeland Security Investigations and by renowned Attorney Mr. Robert Targ, Founding Partner, Diaz Reus & Targ.

IRS’ Retired Special Agent in Charge at the Criminal Investigation Division Mr. Jose “Tony” Gonzalez will discuss how legitimate businesses are destroyed by financial crimes.

With worldwide operations, Google (#46-Fortune 500) faces incredible compliance challenges. Caribbean native Mr. Lemar White, the Anti-Bribery Program Manager at Google and a Scholar at Wilmington University, will discuss the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act and Bribery Enforcement.

Ms. Vivian Velazquez Principal at Securities Compliance will present her reflections on the true cost of non-compliance. The fines impact on operations, on recruiting board directors and retaining compliance officers.

Mr. Jorge Flores, Senior Vice-President Audit Manager, at Sabadell United Bank will discuss from the regulated entity perspective the challenge of AML/CFT Examination.

“There is still time for Caribbean businesses to join this important conference. Beyond the carefully selected topics, it will be a great occasion to network with fellow business leaders confronted with similar challenges” insists Ms. Michelle Martin.

“Florida and U.S. entrepreneurs seeking to do business in the Caribbean in such fields as real estate, banking, money service transmission, corporate services, trust, import and export should attend the conference to understand the major regulatory shift being implemented by all the territories” suggest Jean Morency.

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