CARICOM must unify to resist imposition of OAS boss

Antigua and Barbuda’s Ambassador in Washington, Sir Ronald Sanders.
By Sir Ronald Sanders
Readers of this commentary, particularly those in small countries, might wonder why they should be concerned about who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of any multilateral or international organisation. It could be claimed that the disposition of the person, holding such an office, is far removed from the existence of people who are focussed on the necessities of living and improving their lives.
They would be wrong to dismiss interest in the holders of these positions.
Caribbean small states are already marginalised in the world with little account being taken of the significant threats posed to their well-being. Among those threats are climate change, global warming, exclusion from access to concessional funds for development, very poor terms of trade, increasing erosion of their sovereign rights over matters such as the rate of taxes they charge and the incentives they offer to businesses so as to remain globally competitive in the industries that provide employment and the opportunity for ownership.

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