For one moment, it seemed like the commencement of world war three and with some talk circulating that the Police had been requested to be present, the war zone seemed set and ready to explode.

It was the biennial general meeting of the Nevis Cricket Association.  It was Wednesday 5th February and the venue of choice was the Nevis Cooperative Credit Union’s Conference room.  A record number of persons showed up for the meeting.

Small surprise as never had a meeting of the Nevis Cricket Association been so hyped, with the two running candidates for the presidency, already airing their plans and programs on NTV Sports Page, VON radio, 20/20 Vision radio and wider afield on SportsMax.

The two front runners in the incumbent president, Denrick Liburd and his chief challenger, former President, Carlisle Powell, were both present and that right early.

Chairman Denrick Liburd fanned the flames by stating in his opening remarks that certain clubs/teams would not be able to vote, nor even have a voice at the meeting, due to a clause in the constitution, in reference to the payment or nonpayment of fees due to the Association, within a stipulated time frame.

The verbal carnage that ensued, at one point, threatened to disrupt the meeting.

Eventually, the meeting was called back to order and the incumbent president had his way, as only 16 votes qualified for the evening’s proceedings, while other club and team members looked on helplessly.

It was indeed an exciting tussle for the Presidency and the results reflected that fact.

Final vote count: Carlisle Powell 9 votes and Denrick Liburd 7 votes.

It, therefore, means that Carlisle Powell is now the new President of the Nevis Cricket Association.

Here are the results of the other positions, based on the votes of the members allowed to vote:

Vice President – Denrick Liburd 12 votes to Kelvin Frazer’s 4
Secretary – Jeannette Grell Hull 10 votes to Wingrove Powell’s 6
Treasurer – Stascius Wallace 9 votes to Kesha Jones’ 7
Asst. Secretary-Treasurer – Carol Pemberton 10 votes to Wingrove Powell’s 6

Management team
Wendell Wallace; Clive Pemberton; Deo Hendrickson; Sharlene Martin; Frank Monzac and Saneldo Willet.

Winston Sutton; Elquemedo Willet; Ronald Powell and Frank Monzac.

When the dust had settled, it was a joy to see a brief shaking of hands between Messrs. Powell and Liburd.  Two men who it is believed, have the best interest of Nevis Cricket at heart.

Mr. Powell in his acceptance speech thanked everyone who voted him into office and congratulated the other members who were elected.  He served notice that the workload to revive Nevis Cricket starts immediately and tentatively informed that the first meeting will be called on Monday coming.

He then outlined some of the objectives and programs, that he will be guiding his association to achieve and noted that the first order of business, will be to revamp the policy which excluded member clubs and teams from being able to vote.

He also served notice that a clause will be put into the constitution, so that persons who are not pulling their weight on the various committees, could be expelled before the biennial meeting is called.

Mr. Liburd for his part noted that it was the democratic process at work and pointed to the fact that he only lost by two votes.

He, however, vowed to support President Powell fully, as he stated that he has Nevis Cricket at heart.

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