Carnival Committee meets with Senior Calypso Monarch Finalists

A highly productive meeting was held on Thursday evening, (17th December, 2020), between the Finalists picked for the 2020 Senior Calypso Monarch Competition and top officials of the St. Kitts & Nevis National Carnival Committee. It was convened at the Players’ Dining Room, at the Warner Park Cricket Stadium, in Basseterre.

The main issue discussed and agreed to was the recent decision to increase the number of finalists, from 15, to 20, in light of the auditing error that occurred after last Sunday’s (13th December), Quarterfinals, at Carnival Village.

The meeting was hosted by Chairwoman of the Carnival Committee, Shannon Hawley, who was joined by Ogrenville Browne, the Executive responsible for Soca and Calypso Competitions and the Chairperson of the Senior Calypso Sub-Committee, Cherise Queeley.

Eighteen (18) of the 20 Calypsonians were present, in addition to the reigning Monarch, King Socrates.

Chairwoman Hawley carefully outlined the details that led to the error and assured the artistes that major changes have been made to help prevent a similar occurrence during the Finals, slated for Tuesday, 29th December, 2020, at 8:00p.m.

The changes presented by the committee were generally endorsed by those in attendance and the committee was commended for its forthrightness, transparency and honest approach to the matter.

These are the changes agreed to:

1. The number of Finalists chosen from the Quarterfinals, will now be 20, instead of 15, as previously intended.

2. Replacement of the previous Auditor and the appointment of Grant Thornton as the new Auditor for the Finals.

3. Appointment of a new panel of five (5) Judges and two (2) alternates, for the Finals.

4. Providing the Finalists with the names of all selected Judges in the resource pool and giving the Finalists the opportunity to object, (with reason), to any particular judge.

5. Props and supporting cast members are not allowed in the Finals, (to help avoid breaching COVID-19 protocols, such as social distancing and crowd control).

Calypsonians were also updated on other important matters as they relate to the upcoming competition.

The meeting ended with the Calypsonians picking their numbers to determine the order of appearance for the competition night. This year, there will be 21 finalists, including the defending King, Socrates.

Order of Appearance:

1. Queen Brown Sugar
2. King Hollywood
3. Lord Kut
4. King Craig
5. Lady Composer
6. Queen Independent
7. King Astro
8. Singing Sharon
9. Big Lice
10. Murray
11. Singing Sensation
12. King Irvin
13. Sack Clothe & Ashes
14. King Socrates
15. Queen Diva
16. Queen Kibi
17. King I Soursop
18. Blanchette
19. Honesty
20. Queeny G
21. King Godfrey

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, only a limited number (pre-sold) tickets will be made available for fans hoping to be present to experience the history-making and highly anticipated competition.

Tickets are now available at the National Carnival’s office on Cayon Street for $40.00.

The event will also be streamed live on the Facebook and YouTube pages of SKNCarnival and broadcast on ZIZ Radio and Television, and possibly other stations.

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