CBIS Wins Christmas Calendar Contest

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-Wednesday 13th December, was a significant day in the lives of the staff members and students of the Cicely Browne Integrated School (CBIS).

On that day, they were paid a visit by Miss Sheilagh James, who previously worked at the Ministry of Tourism.

She was there to make a presentation on behalf of the Ministry, as regards the Christmas calendar competition, which they have initiated and coordinated for the last two years.

The contest is open to all of the primary schools on the island and is run in accordance with a set and specific criteria.

In her brief remarks, Mis James pointed out that the CBIS won their rights to have their pictorial designs, published for seven of the twelve months, on last year’s calendar. This was greeted with much applause.

For their efforts last year, they received 500 copies of the calendar, which they sold and kept the resulting funds, for the school’s treasury.

Her next statement however, drew even more applause, as she stated that for this year’s contest, the CBIS was the sole winner of the contest, as they had won the rights to have their pictorial designs published for all 12 months of the year.

A truly amazing feat!

She then presented a certificate of achievement to Principal at the school, Mrs.  Violet Clarke, who graciously accepted on behalf of the school and pointed to a core group, which led out in making sure that the project was properly completed.

These included Teacher Jennifer Liburd; Teacher Sharon Hamilton and Teacher Judy.

Teacher Jennifer Liburd then accepted the beautifully designed trophy, which was made by Kennedy at his Arts store, located in Zion. She in turn congratulated the students for their hard work and urged the members of the general public, to look out for them when they begin to sell the calendars.

For their efforts, this time around, the school will receive 900 copies of the calendar, which they will sell and keep the funds.

Congratulations are certainly in order for the staff and students at the CBIS.

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