Celian ‘Martin’ Powell 102 (years) not out

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- On Sunday, January 19, 2014 one of our very own celebrated her 102nd birthday; a milestone that was reached while she is still very alert and witty.

Celian2Celian ‘Martin’ Powell from Zion Village, Nevis was born on January 19, 1912. Surrounded by friends and family along with her caretakers a birthday celebration was held at the Flamboyant Nursing Home in Ramsbury Site.

Among those celebrating with her were her daughter, Dulcina Browne, granddaughter Erma Skelton, Grandsons Hon. Carlisle Powell and Trevor Powell, her great granddaughters Sharifa Skelton, Shanique Bartlette, Rene and Rhianna Powell, her great nephew, Charles Thomas from St. Kitts and former parliamentarian Mr. Hensley Daniel, along with several other family members and friends.

Nicely dressed in a long peach gown, with a floral pattern and a matching peach head wrap, the vibrant and lovely Celian had utmost praise for the Lord for allowing her to see yet another birthday. ‘Martin’ as she is affectionately known, further stated that we should always praise the Lord and to always remember to give him thanks for life. Loud praises and hallelujahs echoed across the room from family members when she announced that she is 102 years old.

In a lifetime that has spanned over ten (10) decades, ‘Martin’ can bear testimony to many things that have happened around the globe.

Hon. Powell in his contribution to the ceremony stated that the family continues to be amazed by her cheerful demeanor and the way she joyfully praises God. He continued, “We are grateful for her longevity and the fact that she remains very alert. We hope to have her around for many more years so that we can continue to shower her with love and affection”.

To Ms. Powell, the management and staff of Nevis Pages wishes you many more birthdays and may God continue to richly bless you with health and strength.

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