CEQUIP Is 1st Seed Business to Open Its Doors in Nevis

Press Release

On Monday October 7th, in a brief but noteworthy ceremony, held on the grounds of the Four Seasons Villa Construction Project, Mr. Carl Liburd, Managing Director for CEQUIP, launched his new business. Mr. Liburd is one of the Participants from the inaugural Small Entrepreneur and Enterprise Development (SEED) Program Boot Camp in Nevis.

CEQUIP is in the business of renting small construction equipment such as scaffolding, jacks, vibrators, compactors, etc. Speaking on behalf of the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF), under which the SEED falls, was Mrs. Delcia Bradley – King, Corporate Affairs Manager. Mrs. King expressed the satisfaction and sense of achievement felt by her colleagues and SIDF as a whole, by asserting that the event marked yet another significant milestone for SIDF and the SEED Program. That is, she noted that Mr. Liburd had graduated from the Boot Camp, had subsequently been incubated, and now he was actually first to ‘open his doors’ as an SIDF-funded business in Nevis.

In giving comments, Mr. Liburd thanked the SIDF for the training, professional support, and financial backing that he has been and continues to be afforded throughout the program. He continued by noting that “the SEED program has allowed him to materialize his business dream and he is eternally grateful.” Liburd then went on to formally rent his first piece of equipment, a Stomper, to Mr. Renaldo Hanley, Managing Director for HITECH Construction. Mr. Hanley is one of the Contractors working on the Four Seasons Villa Construction Project. In accepting said piece of equipment, Mr. Hanley praised Mr. Liburd, saying that he (HITECH Construction ) knows Mr. Liburd professionally and can guarantee that he would provide nothing but excellent and reliable service.

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