CG Rebels Defeat Polstars

Curtis Morton

Another game in the St. Kitts-Nevis Amateur Basketball Association league, was held in Nevis, on Saturday 2nd June.

This time around, Polstars of St. Kitts, matched wits against CG Rebels of Nevis.

The CG Rebels were in dominant form and the half time score of 43 to 23, reflected that.

By the final whistle, CG Rebels had racked up a convincing win of 86 to 47.

Match summary:

First quarter CG Rebels 22 Polstars 15

2nd quarter CG Rebels 21 Polstars 8

Third quarter CG Rebels 17 Polstars 10

Fourth quarter CG Rebels 26 Polstars 14

CG Rebels

Royden Browne 15 points; 12 rebounds

Jenerson France 12 points; 8 rebounds

Jermie Jeffers 21 points; 4 rebounds

Vance Allen 16 points; 2 rebounds


Cheslyn Hutton38 points; 9 rebounds

Kevin Fahie 2 points 8 rebounds

Brandon Govia 5 points; 5 rebounds

Brent Edwards 2 points; 5 rebounds

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