By:Curtis Morton

It’s official! The CG Rebels are once again the champions of the Malcolm Guishard Basketball league.

Manager of the team, Gene Amory and captain Kurt Herbert were both adamant after the game, that they only took a break last year, to allow the Church Ground team, ‘to win their own trophy’ but that this year they came back for what is ‘rightfully ours.’
The grand finals between the CG Rebels and the Brantley Church Ground Massives, was played on the evening of Sunday 29th November, at the Church Ground Hard court.

A sizeable crowd was on hand to witness the encounter.

The Massives started impressively by putting the first two points on the board and led briefly in the first quarter.
However, the experienced CG Rebels, soon found their footing and not only clawed back into the game, but took a decisive lead.

Towards the end of the final quarter, the CG Rebels were so relaxed with their lead, that they allowed a number of the younger and more inexperienced players to finish the game.
The final score: CG Rebels CG Massives
The first game of the evening saw D2 Ballers coming up against NEVLEC High Voltage

in an intense game for third place.
This game had quite a bit of drama and saw both teams tying the scores on several occasions.

In the end, the NEVLEC team made too many errors and allowed too many fouls and free shots and this proved decisive in the final score line which was D2 Ballers –NEVLEC High Voltage
D2 Ballers effectively secured third spot in the competition with that win.
Here is a summary of the two games played on the night:
Third Place
D2 Ballers 64 to High Voltage 59 points

First quarter High Voltage 13 D2 Ballers 12
Second quarter High Voltage 17 D2 Ballers 13
Third quarter D2 Ballers 17 High Voltage 10
Fourth quarter D2 Ballers 22 High Voltage 19

Half time 30-25 in favor of High Voltage

D2 Ballers 64 points
Orion Jones 27poi 15reb 1ass 3ste 7 of 11 free throw made
Sheldon Browne 6poi 14reb 1ass 3ste 0 of 2 free throw
Trevin Nisbett 9poi 7reb 3ass 2ste 1 of 7 free throw made

High Voltage 59 points
Curtis Morton 14poi 12reb 3ass 1ste 2b/s 2 of 6 free throw made
Robert Morton 22poi 7reb 4ste 3 of 6 free throw made
Keston Herbert 15poi 16reb 1ste 4 of 10 free throw made

C G Rebels 69 C G Massive 47

First quarter Rebels 20 Massive 14
Second quarter Rebels 20 Massive 16
Third quarter Rebels 16 Massive 11
Fourth quarter Rebels 13 Massive 6

Half time 40-30 in favor of C G Rebels

C G Rebels 69 points
Justin Jeffers 14poi 16reb 2ass 4ste 6b/s 0 of 2 free throw
Jenerson France 28poi 11reb 5ass 4ste 1 of 4 free throw made
Royden Browne 12poi 13reb 7ass 5ste 3 of 5 free throw made

C G Massive 47 points
Alista Usher 18poi 5reb 1ass 4 of 4 free throw made
Kirthni Esdaille 6poi 7reb 2ass 0 of 1 free throw
Karvin Smith 8poi 7reb 0 of 2 free throw

C G Massive second place winner

C G Rebels champion for Malcolm Guishard Basketball League 205
Meanwhile, immediately after the two games, the official prize giving ceremony was held.

The Hon. Troy Liburd represented chief sponsor of the tournament, Hon. Mark Brantley, in presenting the medals and trophies to deserving individuals and teams.
The top awardees for the tournament were as follows:
For The 2014 league:
Second place-Dynasty Ballers
Champions-CG Massives
2015 league:
Most points—Alista Usher- CG Massives-122 points
Most rebounds- Justin Jeffers- CG Rebels-95
Most Assists- Royden Browne-CG Rebels- 25
Most steals- Robert Morton-Nevlec High Voltage-20
Most block shots-Justin Jeffers-CG Rebels-19
Third place-Dynasty –D2 Ballers
2nd place—CG Massives
Champions—CG Rebels
MVP—Justin Jeffers: 14pts; 16 rebs; 2assists; 4 steals and 6 block shots
The officials were also presented with incentive monetary packages.

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