CG Rebels Edges Dynasty Ballers To Get Into Finals

Curtis Morton:

After all of the controversies, which included two protest letters before the third game in the best of three playoffs could be played the CG Rebels team finally engaged the Dynasty Ballers on the evening of Saturday 16th June.

It was a ding-dong battle from start to finish. Both teams had won one game each and it was a ‘do or die’ situation.

The first quarter was tied and at the end of half time, Dynasty Ballers had edged ahead by all of five points.

CG Rebels led in the third quarter by 7 points. Make that- CG Rebels 52 Dynasty Ballers 50

The crowd was very animated.

The lead changed hands throughout the final quarter and tempers flared. The crowd was on edge.

With ten seconds remaining, the score was tied 66 all.

CG Rebels made a run through and sunk to points. Dynasty Ballers quickly got to the hoop on taking the rebound. The ball bubbled on the rim agonizingly….and did not go in.

CG Rebels had won by two points!


Final score: CG Rebels 68 Dynasty Ballers 66

First quarter: CG Rebels 12 Dynasty Ballers 12

Second quarter: Dynasty Ballers 18 CG Rebels 13

Third quarter: CG Rebels 27 Dynasty Ballers 20

Fourth quarter: CG Rebels 16 Dynasty Ballers 16


CG Rebels-68 points

Royden Browne 31 points; 21 rebs; 4 asst; 3 ste; 3 of 7 free throws; 3 turnovers

Hakeem Harvey 18 points; 9 rebs; 4 asst; 1 ste; 2 b/s; 4 of 8 free throws made; 2 turnovers

Jermie Jeffers: 10 points; 6 rebs; 2 asst; 1 ste; 2 b/s; 0 of 2 free throws; 7 turnovers

Donford Wilkinson 7 points; 5 rebs; 4 asst; 1 ste; 3 turnovers; 1 of 2 free throws; 7 turnovers

Dynasty Ballers 66 points

Trevorne Simmonds 22 points; 3 rebs; 4 asst; 3 ste; 12 of 20 free throws; 8 turnovers

Norris Williams 21 points; 8 rebs; 1 b/s; 2 turnovers

Ronel Jones 6 points; 5 rebs; 1 asst; 4 ste; 1 turnover

Creg Angol 7 points; 3 rebs; 5 ste; 1 b/s; 2 turnovers


The best of three finals are now set to commence this coming Saturday-23rd of June at the Craddock Road court, when CG Rebels will play against Ole Skool in game one.

Prior to that however, CG Massives will take on Dynasty Ballers in a one off game to determine the third placed team

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