CG Rebels Slam Dunks Ole Skool

The Brown Hill Basketball league continued at the Brown Hill court on Tuesday 5th February with one game.

Ole Skool engaged CG Rebels.

It ended in a one sided affair, as the CG Rebels team, totally dominated the encounter, with a score line of 72 to 53.

CG Rebels 72

Jenerson France 22 points; 12 rebounds

Jermie Jeffers 17 points; 5 rebounds

Hassan Harvey 12 points; 2 rebounds

Karvin Smith 6 points; 5 rebounds


Ole Skool 53

Vance Allen 12 points; 1 rebound

Chevorn Browne 9 points; 2 rebounds

Julian Nisbett 8 points; 8 rebounds

Nasieve Lewis 8 points; 3 rebounds

Theo Queeley 6 points; 1 rebound

Matches continue this weekend on Saturday and Sunday with two matches on each night.

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