They were energized and ready for battle. The seasoned campaigners, CG Rebels took the court at the Grell Hull –Stevens Netball Complex on Sunday night 12th June, to engage the high flying Eagles team in game two of the best of three finals.

They had won the first game and started this one somewhat sluggishly, with the Eagles putting six points on the tins before they made their first conversion.

However, once they got started, despite the incredible fight mustered by the more youthful team and the urgings of their Coach Dwayne Warner from bench side, The CG Rebels never looked back, once they secured the lead.

There were several outstanding plays on both sides of the court and some awful missies and turn overs as well.

However, the vociferous crowd, was well and truly entertained, if not disappointed that there will not be a game three for 2016.

CG Rebels came away the eventual winners and champions once again, winning by the comprehensive margin of 68 points to 55.

In the first match of the evening, CG Massives took on Ole Skool in a battle for third place honours.

That too, was an intense battle but at the final whistle, the Brantley CG Massives prevailed to secure the official third spot in the league, winning with a score line of 64 to 58.

Here is a summary of the two games:

Third place 12.06.2016
C G Massive 64 points to Ole Skool 58 points

First quarter C G Massive 18 Ole Skool 15
Second quarter C G Massive 20 Ole Skool 10
Third quarter C G Massive 11 Ole Skool 11
Fourth quarter Ole Skool 22 C G Massive 15

Half time score 38 – 25 in favor of C G Massive

C G Massive 64 points
Kirthni Esdaille 13poi 17reb 2ass 2ste 6turnovers 3 of 7 free throw made
Matthew Harding 14poi 3reb 4ass 2ste 6 turnovers 1 of 2 free throw made
Alista Usher 10poi 3reb 2ass 3ste 7 turnovers 3 of 3 free throw made
Jason Williams 12poi 3reb 1ass 3ste 6 turnovers

Ole Skool 58 points
Vance Allen 19poi 7reb 4ass 6 turnovers 7 of 8 free throw made
Nassive Lewis 10poi 11reb 1ste 2 turnovers
Sylvester Matthew 9poi 2reb 1ste 1turnover 2 of 2 free throw made
Collis Archibald 5poi 2reb 3ass 1ste 4 turnovers 1 of 2 free throw made

C G Massive is third place winner in the Nevis Amateur Basketball Association League 2016. Congratulations to you Mark Brantley C G Massive.

Final Game in Finals 12.06.2016
C G Rebels 68 to Eagles 55

First quarter C G Rebels 18 Eagles 12
Second quarter C G Rebels 17 Eagles 11
Third quarter Eagles 16 C G Rebels 15
Fourth quarter C G Rebels 18 Eagles 16

Half Time Score 35 – 23 in favor of C G Rebels

C G Rebels 68 points
Jenerson France 26poi 14reb 2ste 5turnovers 8 of 17 free throw made
Justin Jeffers 12poi 24reb 4ste 3b/s 2 turnover
Royden Browne 13poi 12reb 4ass 7ste 1b/s 4 turnover 4 of 8 free throw made
Ald Stapleton 7poi 4reb 2ass 2ste 1b/s 4turnovers 1 of 2 free throw made

Eagles 55 points
Kareem Parry 19poi 4reb 1ass 3ste 4turnovers 2 of 7 free throw made
Kadel Hodge 10poi 8reb 2ass 5ste 5 turnovers 4 of 7 free throw made
Gassano Barry 11poi 7reb 1ass 1ste 1b/s 1 of 3 free throw made
Santos Calderon 7poi 2reb 2ass 3 turnovers 2 of 2 free throw made

C G Rebels won the finals 2-0. C G Rebels is Nevis Amateur Basketball Association  2016 Champions.

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