CG Rebels –The 2019 Malcolm Guishard Basketball Champs

Do not focus on the fact that by the final whistle, there was a discrepancy of all of 12 points between the two teams.  You had to be there to literally smell the tension.

It was game two, in the best of three, as the 2019 edition of the Malcolm Guishard Basketball league, climaxed on Sunday 11th August.  The two top teams in the tournament were battling it out on center court.  CG Rebels had won game one and were determined to close out the tournament that night, while the Dynamics team was vowing that there would definitely be a game three.

Both teams started warily in the first quarter, with CG Rebels enjoying the better of the exchanges by some seven points.  However, the Dynamics team gave it their all and tied up the second and third quarters in dramatic fashion.  The entered the final quarter, with all to play for with the score line dicely placed with CG Rebels on 53 and Dynamics on 46.
Not a lot of points were scored in that final quarter, as both teams upped their defensive game, but critically, CG Rebels managed a five points lead and therein lay the difference.

Game summary: CG Rebels 68 Dynamics 56
1st quarter Rebels 20 dynamics 13
2nd quarter 14-all tied
3rd quarter 19 all-tied
4th quarter Rebels 15 Dynamics 10
Half time score 34 to 27 in favour of CG Rebels

CG Rebels 68 points
Jenerson France – 18 points; 10 rebounds
Jermie Jeffers – 23 points; 4 rebounds
Kelvin Bramble – 10 points; 8 rebounds
Hassan Harvey – 4 points; 2 rebounds

Dynamics 56 points
Trevorn Simmonds – 23 points; 4 rebounds
Jaleel Huggins – 10 points; 5 rebounds
Creg Angol – 10 points; 5 rebounds
Orion Jones – 8 points; 5 rebounds

CG Rebels the champions for the 2019 Malcolm Guishard tournament.

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