Chalisa Parris wins first ever Elocution Contest at the St. Thomas’ Primary School

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- The St. Thomas’ Primary School made history on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 when the school hosted its first ever International School Library Month Elocution Contest.

Six students from the school participated in this event. They were, Azalea Lake, Vishwanauth Singh, Chalisa Parris, Seamus O’ Flaherty, Shakem Pemberton and Tequanee Morton.

The event began with a prayer by Mrs. Ermileta Elliot. This was followed by welcoming remarks by the Principal of the school; Ms. Norlene Smithen. Mrs. Smithen used the opportunity to thank the librarian of the school, Ms. Julitta Parris for organizing and planning the event.

Ms Smithen gave high praises to the sponsor, Mr. Eustace Warner, and to the children of the school for accepting the challenge and for their participation in the Elocution Contest. She also commended the teachers for their hard work to prepare the children for the contest.

Moderator, Mrs. Cynthia Grenyion stated that as library month is celebrated, it is important to learn the importance of reading, speaking fluently and oral expression. She noted that during the month of October the students have learnt poetry and they were now ready to showcase their talents.

Mrs. Grenyion also highlighted the importance of poetry. She said that poetry enhances our lives, it helps us to express ourselves, and it strengthens our reading skills and improves our vocabulary.

Before the contest started, Mrs. Grenyoin alerted the audience that they were in for a treat. She then introduced the five (5) judges to the audience, and highlighted the guidelines and rules of the contest.

In the first segment, the participants recited the poem, ‘Colours Make Wonderful Pictures’. In the second segment the students dramatized a poem, ‘No Lickle Twang’.

The event was keenly contested and is one to remember.

At the end of the event chief judge, Mrs. Jennifer Hodge read the scores.

She announced that Vishwanauth Singh placed 3rd runner up. Second runner up went to Tequanee Morton and the winner for the first ever Elocution Contest went to Chalisa Parris.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Mrs. Sandra Flemming.

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