Champion School Commences Athletic Term With Cross Country Relay

Inter Primary champion school of 2018, the Charlestown Primary School, fittingly started the ball a rolling for the athletic term 2019, when they hosted their second annual cross country road relay, on Thursday 17th January.
According to Coach Queeley, the athletes ran in the following categories:
Kindergarten to grade two; grades 3 and 4 and then grades five and six.
The route used is the same route that will be used for their regular cross country runs but this one was dissected into segments, as various baton stations were established on the route.
The parents; siblings, other family members and general supporters of the school, showed up in their numbers and created quite a din, as they vocally showed their support for their various houses and/or family members.
At the end of the six races, the results were as follows:
Infant girls- K-2
1st –Green
2nd –Blue
3rd –Red
Infant Boys
1st –Blue
2nd- Red
3rd –Green
Intermediate Girls –grades 3 and 4
1st –Red
2nd –Blue
3rd- Green
Intermediate Boys
1st- Blue house- brand new record-5:07:89—-previous record-5:13:71
2nd –Green-also broke record-5:11:37
3rd –Red

Junior Girls-grades 5 and 6
2nd –Red
Junior Boys
1st –Blue-brand new record-4:41:65-previous record-4:50:09
2nd-Green-also broke record-4:49:43
Total points:
Blue house-33 points
Green house-32 points
Red house-25 points

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