Champions Taken Down a Notch

By:Curtis Morton

Defending champions, SL Horsfords Highlights, were taken down a notch on the evening of Sunday 10th December, 2017 when they were convincingly beaten by the Youths of The Future, who are playing like the adults of the present.

This action continued in the local Football league.

The Youths scored very early in the game, but the die-hard Highlights fans were convinced that it would have been shortly be rectified.

However, things became more complicated, as the Youths, working up a string of dynamic plays, again breached the Highlights’ defense and sunk another goal home.

The defending champions pulled out all of the stops in the final half but the more youthful and fleet footed team, seemed even more energized and as the Highlights team wilted under the pressure, they put in yet another goal for good measure, to leave the Highlights fan base flabbergasted.

Final score: Youths of the Future 3 SL Horsfords Highlights nil

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