Changes made to medal count from club championships

A release on Wednesday, has indicated that their were some errors in the previously released medal count from the SKNAAA club championships, held on Sunday 27th May, at the Mondo track.
Mr. Garfield Virgo has apologized for the error, stating that in the previous calculations, the junior categories were added.
The updated medal count is as follows:

Extreme Velocity track club 6 gold; 5 silver; 0 bronze-11 medals

Fast Twitch Track club 5 gold; 3 silver; 5 bronze-13 medals

Titans Athletic Club 1 gold; 1 silver; 5 bronze-7 medals

Etonics track club 1 gold; 0 silver; 0 bronze-1 medal

Gladiators track club 0 gold; 2 silver; 1 bronze-3 medals

Elite Performance track club 0 gold; 1 silver; 1 bronze -2 medals

Trail Blazers track club 0 gold; 1 silver 1 bronze -2 medals

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