Charlestown Primary-2017 Tdc/Runako Morton Primary School Champs

By:Curtis Morton

It was billed to be an exciting contest. After all, the Charlestown Primary School (CPS) and the Ivor Walters Primary School (IWPS) had both made it through the preliminary rounds and semifinals, unscathed.

So, Friday 7th July 2017, was the battle of the giants at the ET Willett Park.

A sizeable and vociferous crowd was on hand, to witness the encounter.

The IWPS team won the toss and elected to insert the CPS team.

The CPS team was off to a shaky start and lost wickets regularly.

It took the tournament’s top batsman, Theo Queeley to come in and up the tempo, with his lusty hitting.

The CPS team eventually got 71 all out in 11 overs.

For all intents and purposes, it seemed like a comfortable target to be overhauled, but Cricket remains a funny, old game.

Lite Browne was unfortunately run out in the first over and things started to go downhill for the IWPS team.

Ovanje Amory in his second over, took a hat trick and ended the over with a fourth wicket, which effectively served to cripple the IWPS reply.

There was a slight glimmer of hope, as Walters and Xavier scored freely for a while and even created some tense moments for the CPS team, until Walters was bowled by the indomitable Amory, leaving alone a delivery, behind his back.

IWPS managed to limp to 58 all out in 11 overs and then the huge celebrations started for the CPS team.

Immediately after the match, the closing ceremony was held.

The ceremony was chaired by Carl Tuckett and brief remarks were offered by Director of Sports, Jamir Claxton and TDC representative, Mr. Warren Moving, who both congratulated the young cricketers and encouraged them to continue to work at their game.

The following awards were delivered:

Best wicketkeeper-Demari Mitchell

Bowler with the most wickets-15-Ovanje Amory

Batsman with the most runs-151-Theo Queeley

MVP of the tournament –Theo Queeley

Most improved team for 2017-Jocelyn Liburd Primary

Second placed team-Ivor Walters Primary

Champion team-Charlestown Primary

Summarized scores: CPS 71 all out in 11 overs: Theo Queeley 28; Tishawn Newton 7

Stevens 4;  Demari Mitchell 4; Lite Browne 2; IWPS 58 all out in 11 overs: D. Walters 18; J. Marshall; Shamrell Xavier 5*

Amory 5; Theo Queeley 4 and J. Tyson 1

CPS winning by 13 runs

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