Charlestown Primary and Elizabeth Pemberton Primary in Honorary Draw

It may well be termed as the match of the season.

It was Friday, November 15th, and a fair-sized crowd had gathered at the ET Willet Park to witness the ongoing Education and Sports Departments Primary Schools’ Football tournament.

In match one of three, the hitherto unbeaten Charlestown Primary School engaged the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School.  The analysts would have predicted a comfortable win for the CPS team but Football is actually played on the pitch and not in the studios.

It was a ding-dong first half and both teams exhibited serious skills and both defences were severely test and then it happened.  Kian Saddler broke free and slammed home one for the EPPS team, much to the chagrin of the Charlestown supporters.  The headmistress and huge support crew for the Elizabeth Pemberton team, simply went wild.

In previous games versus Nevis Academy and the Joycelyn Liburd Primary, the Charlestown team had responded to being scored on first, by scoring a set of goals of their own, but this time up to half time, they went into the dugout, goalless.  The coaching team for the CPS team went into a vigorous team meeting and the Charlestown boys came out in the second half with their intentions to score, as clear as crystal, but the EPPS defence kept them at bay for an extended period and then a defensive error allowed Kuwan Wilkin of the Charlestown team, to slam one home.

Final score:
Charlestown Primary 1 Elizabeth Pemberton Primary 1.

This week promises much more excitement as the semifinal matches are scheduled for Friday, November 22nd, commencing at 1.30 pm with the top team taking on the 4th placed team.
This will be followed at 2.30 pm with the 2nd and 3rd placed teams, facing off with each other.

The final four teams and their respective placements will be revealed later this week.

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