Charlestown Primary School Graduation Ceremony 2013- a resounding success

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- Adhering to the school’s motto, ‘The palm is gained with effort’ 50 students graduated from the Charlestown Primary School on Thursday, July 4, 2013 at the Charlestown Methodist Church.

The church was filled to capacity with well-wishers, family, friends, schoolmates and proud parents as 50 graduates escorted by the school’s principal, Mr. Kevin Barrett walked down the aisle of the church. The ceremony was also witnessed by Premier of Nevis, Hon. Vance Amory, Hon. Alexis Jeffers and area representative of St. Paul’s, Hon. Robelto Hector.

The afternoon proceedings began with the National Anthem by the school choir, this was followed by the invocation by Bro. Anthony Lawrence.

Chairperson, Mrs. Fayola Tross in her opening remarks thanked all those who had the confidence in her to do such an important job. She used the opportunity to congratulate all of the graduates.

Mr. Kevin Barrett in addressing the ceremony gave the ‘CPS Year in Review’. He dubbed the year 2012-2013 as ‘A good year, a proud year, and a successful year’. Mr. Barrett highly commended his staff for being so dedicated and committed. He also used the opportunity to thank the sponsors, the contributors and the parents.

To the graduating class Barrett advised them to always have a dream and as they move further in life to remember five things: dedication, respect, excellence, accountability and modesty.

Education Officer, Mrs. Avril Elliot also gave remarks. Mrs. Elliot offered warmest congratulations and best wishes to the Charlestown Primary School on the occasion of its graduation exercise. She also congratulated the principal and his team of committed teachers for their success in producing another fine graduating class.

She told the graduates that they had completed yet another phase of their education journey and now they were seated in the departure lounge awaiting the flight to CPS, she admonished them to not rest on their laurels for there are greater opportunities ahead.

She continued, ‘I admonish you all, to be observant and throughout your journey in Secondary School, pay attention to the milestones that are marked Success, Perseverance, Commitment, Gratefulness, Respect, Excellence and Tolerance’. In closing she stated, ‘Remember, it does not really matter where you started and how you started, it is your ending point that matters’.

Mr. Daniel Arthurton delivered the feature address. He told the graduating class that wherever they are, they have to keep striving for their dreams.

Chlyon Caines did an excellent job in delivering the Valedictory Speech. He took his classmates down  memory lane from Kindergarten to grade 6.

The presentations and the distribution of certificates were done by Ms. Serene Antoine.

Well-known entertainer, ‘Gharlic’ sung to the graduating class. His energy brought much excitement to the special occasion. Gavin Patterson gave a pan presentation. Other entertainment includes poems and songs by the school choir, graduating class and the Coelis Choir.

Miss Leona Freeman gave the vote of thanks.

The ceremony was held under the theme, ‘Wherever you are, keep on striving for your dream’.

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